Hydromel Signature Cuvée Réserve

Signature Cuvée Réserve

This mead has a sumptuous yellow robe and a smooth taste with woodsy notes, Scents of beeswax, honey, caramelized pear and toasted almond emanate from this beautiful bottle.  On the palette, it evokes a taste very reminiscent of its bouquet accompanied by a creamy smooth texture which is prolonged in a sustained finish. We suggest serving it as an accompaniment to desserts or canapés

Characteristics :


Appearance :

Color : Deep yellow

Tastes :

Honey Bees wax Caramelized pears Toasted almonds Low acidity

Serving temperature :

6°C to 8°C

Nose :

Bees wax Honey Caramelized pears Toasted amonds

Serve with :

Desserts Canapés

Alcohol content :


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